Producers of the finest quality gamebirds

Paul Smith, its founder, started his career in the Game Industry in the late 80’s, firstly as an Under Keeper then going on to be Head Keeper and Shoot Manager on some very prestigious shooting estates. Learning the trade from egg production, incubation, rearing and release. With Paul’s experience and knowledge we are well qualified to produce and supply strong healthy game birds.  We guarantee all birds delivered our reared by ourselves

Wealden Game is a family run business based in Sussex, supplying and delivering top quality game birds across the UK. Our ethos is to run a traditional game farm with low stock density in our rearing sheds ensuring healthy well feathered birds. Stress is to kept to an absolute minimum.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 25 years experience in the Game Industry

  • Traditional high quality game farm based in Sussex

  • Low stocking density in our rearing sheds enables us to produce top quality poults

  • We can supply all pheasant strains to order and source our day old chicks only from reputable suppliers in England, France, America and Poland.

  • Our pheasants at 6 1/2 – 7 weeks and partridges at 12 – 14 weeks are of the highest quality

  • A guarantee that all our poults our reared by us and delivered by us

  • Can deliver our top quality poults nationally